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Phi Yen Ms. Shrine, also known as An Son Temple, is located in Con Dao District, right next to Van Son Pagoda. This is the place to worship Ms. Phi Yen - the concubine of Lord Nguyen Anh (King Gia Long). Her real name is Le Thi Ram. Visitors to Con Dao tour package should visit this temple and listen to the explanation of the fascinating history and legend about the Sacred Temple associated with a tragic story of a talented, patriotic woman.

Anniversary Of Ms. Phi Yen And Festival Of Phi Yen Ms. Shrine

The fate of Mrs. Phi Yen was laid to rest in An Hai village, the villagers took care of the funeral and set up a shrine to worship her because of her sacrifice for defending her virtue. Every year, on October 18 (lunar calendar), people in An Hai village hold a solemn ceremony for her and often make vegetarian meals.
After her death, the people on the island mourned and established a shrine called "Mieu Ba" - Ms. Shrine. In 1861, after occupying the island, the French colonialists decided to rearange the entire population to build a prison, so the shrine gradually fell into disrepair. In 1981, the people on the island rebuilt a spacious temple on the old temple and worshiped to this day. Participating in Mrs. Phi Yen's anniversary is also enjoying a unique traditional culture of the islanders. For the people in An Hai village in particular and Con Dao in general, her temple is very sacred, associated with her tragic story. Visitors to Con Dao tours come to visit the shrine and burn incense in memory of her.

Tale Of Ms. Phi Yen

According to the legend told by local people, Mrs. Phi Yen was liberated by the people of the island and was brought to Co Ong village by two animals, the white ape and the black tiger, where the tomb of the prince of Hoi An is located. The villagers compassionate their situation, they sang a lyric that becomes lyrics in lullabies of Vietnamese : "The wind brought "the mustard plant" to heaven, "Rau Ram" stayed behind and suffered a bitter life" (Cai here is Prince Cai and Ram is the customary name of Phi Yen) and the people of Con Dao believe that this song comes from a historical, heartbreaking story of Phi Yen. The villagers of Co Ong built her a small house nearby to take care of her son's grave.
In October (Lunar calendar) year 1785, As every year, An Hai village (where An Son Mieu is located today) held a festival to make vegetarian sacrifices in the village. They invited Mrs. Phi Yen to attend for more solemn. That night, in An Hai village, she was sneaked into the forbidden room by Bian Thi who is a butcher in the village, intending to molest her, but as soon as she grasped her hand, she was able to warn the villagers. arrest. That same night, Phi Yen risked to end her life to defend her virtue.

About Phi Yen Ms. Shrine

The temple was built in 1785 to worship Ms. Phi Yen - the wife of Lord Nguyen Anh (King Gia Long). It can be said that the Lady Temple is one of the very few folk cultural heritages of Con Dao. On the 18th day of the 10th lunar month every year, tourists go on a tour to Con Dao and people from all over the world flock to participate in the anniversary of Ms. Phi Yen, which is also a solemn festival organized by the cultural industry. The Lady Temple has been ranked as a provincial relic by the People's Committee of Ba Ria - Vung Tau.

Tale Of Phi Yen Ms. Shrine

In 1783, the war with Tay Son army failed, Nguyen Anh and his entourage of about 100 families had to flee to Con Dao to avoid the pursuit of Tay Son troops. Here, he established 3 villages: An Hai, An Hoi and Co Ong, which are still there to this day. Wanting to ask soldiers from France to fight the Tay Son army, he took the prince of Hoi An (Prince Cai) to accompany the French mandarin Ba Da Loc to France as a hostage to ask for help. Mrs. Phi Yen offered to dissuade Nguyen Anh: "Fighting the Tay Son army is a matter of the family, I think the princess should not ask for help from foreigners, if the Tay Son army can be defeated, it will not be glorious, but I have many things to do. trouble later…” With that, Lord Nguyen Anh got angry, suspected that Phi Yen had colluded with the Tay Son army before, so he called the army to catch and cut. But fortunately, the courtiers all prayed to prevent her from dying. However, Lord Nguyen Anh still imprisoned her in a cave on a deserted island located to the southwest of the Con Lon archipelago (Hon Ba today, also known as small Con Son island). After transmitting the order to arrest Ms. Phi Yen, Nguyen Anh heard that the Tay Son army was about to pursue the island, and he and his entourage got off the boat and fled. Prince Cai (5 years old) the only child of Phi Yen along with Lord Nguyen Anh refused to follow but cried for his mother. While angry, Nguyen Anh threw his son into the sea, the prince's body drifted into Co Ong village. Therefore, to this day, tourists traveling to Con Dao often come to Co Ong village to visit the grave and the Temple of Cau.

Phi Yen Ms. Shrine - Con Dao Island - Vung Tau - Vietnam

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