Lo Voi Beach - Con Dao Island - Vung Tau - Vietnam

Con Dao today is radiantly beautiful with rows of green coconuts, straight golden sand to the horizon. Coming to Con Dao to explore the scenic spots, you can be in harmony with nature with clear blue waters or ancient poplar trees providing shade. Lo Voi Beach will be a pretty wild and fresh place that will be ideal for you to rest or camp. INTOUR Travel firmly believes that you will be very satisfied when you visit Lo Voi beach.


Con Dao has so many beautiful beaches and Lo Voi beach is also>the Con Son archipelago. Shade of rows of ferns is very suitable for outdoor picnics.

Coming to Lo Voi beach, visitors can comfortably stroll on the smooth beach to feel a peaceful atmosphere with the taste of the sea and enjoy the clear blue water. Lo Voi Beach is located near many Con Dao hotels, so from the hotel with just a few steps, visitors can enjoy the beautiful sea view, and immerse themselves in the cool blue water here. Lo Voi Beach has fresh blue water, a long silky sand, and rows of ancient ferns on the beach, which are very suitable for picnics.

The population at Con Dao is sparse although Lo Voi beach is located in the center of Con Dao town, Lo Voi beach is still very peaceful and wild which has fresh air and fresh breath, cool of the sea and islands.

Coming to Lo Voi beach, you can just walk on the beach and feel the peaceful atmosphere with the flavor of the sea and enjoy the clear blue water here.

Coming to Lo Voi, you will not only be immersed in the wild and wonderful nature and do not forget to enjoy delicious food, especially here. It would be very remiss to miss the taste of typical cuisine here such as moon crab, vu nang snail, fish sauce... Think of the scene of being immersed in the offshore space, watching the blue sea surface whispering waves, that's so amazing. There's nothing better than enjoying "exclusive" specialty dishes, only here!


Con Dao is a large archipelago of Vietnam including 16 large and small islands. In particular, Lo Voi beach located in the center of Con Dao town is a beautiful beach located in the northeast direction of the island. There are many large and small hotels here, so you don't have to worry about not finding a place to stay. And it will be very convenient for you to walk to the sea to watch the sunset and sunrise, the beach is quite wide with long, clean sand, very suitable for camping, BBQ or outdoor picnic activities. another heaven.


It will be a pity if you do not try a trip to Con Dao. There is nothing better than witnessing the green-covered landscape href="https://vietnamintours.com/southern-vietnam-tours">Southern Vietnam.

If you have a chance to come to Con Dao Island, do not neglect this destination. Finally, if you have any questions about Con Dao Island or want to learn about Con Dao vacation tour package 3 days 2 nights daily. Searching href="https://vietnamintours.com/">vietnamintours.com/contact or contact directly us by our hotline +84934797779.

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