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Few people expect that Hang Keo Martyrs Cemetery at Con Dao Island is the resting place of about 10,000 loyal and indomitable fathers who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the independence of the country. During your trip to Con Dao, don't forget to take the time to visit the cemetery to burn incense in memory of the heroes.


Address of Hang Keo martyrs cemetery is Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Con Dao District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province

Con Dao is the land of many historical relics, imprinted with the fierceness of war. And of course, Con Dao Hang Keo Cemetery is one of them. Although the area is not so large as Hang Duong Con Dao Cemetery, this place is definitely a destination you should not miss if you want to better understand the fierce years of the war.

Hang Keo Cemetery is the resting place of about 10,000 soldiers who heroically fell for the cause of national liberation. There are also graves with names, hometowns and anonymous graves.


Located right on Nguyen Chi Thanh street from the airport to the administrative area of ​​the island, so you can easily visit this historical site by motorbike, taxi, tram or bicycle. .

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Sister Lien car rental shop, 03 Vo Thi Sau, Con Dao district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province - Contact number: 0919 432 559

There is one thing you should note, if you want to rent a motorbike as your main means of travel, then you should fill up the gas tank before starting your new day's exploration. Because at present, in the center of this island district, there are only 2 gas stations. Quickly save this in your travel handbook so you don't forget it!

In addition, if you want to save time and can easily enjoy the beautiful scenery along both sides of the road, then a taxi or tram may be the right vehicle for you. The most popular taxi companies in Con Dao can be mentioned as: Mai Linh Con Dao taxi (contact number: 0254 3 850 850), Con Son taxi (contact number: 0254 3 908 908), Thu Tam Con Dao taxi (Contact number: 0254 3 630 036), etc.


4.1 Why is this place named Hang Keo Con Dao Cemetery?

Built right on Con Son Island, about 2km from the district center to the northeast, Hang Keo Cemetery has an area of ​​80,000 m2. This is one of the evidences indicting the crimes of the colonial regime during the invasion of our country, and at the same time clearly shows the heroic mettle and indomitable steadfastness of his father's previous generations.

The reason this place is named Hang Keo is because in the past, the area around the cemetery was planted with many rows of green acacia trees. Therefore, the local people have used the name of that tree as the name of the resting place of about 10,000 heroes who have lain down for the cause of regaining independence for Vietnamese.

4.2 The cruelty of Con Dao Hang Keo Cemetery, did you know?

During the period of French colonial rule in our country, Hang Keo Cemetery is one of the two largest cemeteries in this beautiful island district. The brutality and barbarism of this place even entered poetry with the words full of sorrow and pain: "Con Lon goes easy / difficult to come back / Lives up to Chua mountain, falls to Hang Keo". That much alone must be enough for everyone to see through the cruelty of this place during the years our country fell into the hands of the colonialists and imperialists.

Only in the period from the early 20th century to the period of "white terror" 1940 - 1941, about 10,000 people were forever lying down in this island district. Most of the people buried here are political prisoners imprisoned at Con Dao Prison. After enduring the brutal and fierce tortures of the enemy, they died and were buried here.

By 1997, most of the graves buried here were reburied, then moved to zone D where Hang Duong Cemetery. Currently, at Hang Keo Martyrs Cemetery Con Dao, there are almost only natural forest canopy remaining, and the remains of the heroes of the past have not been found. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to come here, people always tell themselves to go gently for fear of affecting their "sleep". In 2012, Hang Keo Con Dao Cemetery was officially recognized as one of the Special National Monuments in this island district, becoming a famous local spiritual attraction.

Today, most of the graves here have been moved to Hang Duong Cemetery, only the old acacia trees remain and the graves have yet to be found.

Perhaps there are few places that have witnessed as much loss and pain as Con Dao. Coming to Hang Keo Con Dao Cemetery on a sunny day, it seems that everyone's heart is full of feelings. If you have the opportunity to visit this peaceful island district, don't forget to stop by Hang Keo Cemetery to light incense to commemorate and comfort the spirit of the children who are still in the mother's earth who have not been found here.


According to many of you who have been to Con Dao and shared, the most ideal time of the year for you to visit this peaceful island district falls between December and April next year. This is the time when Con Dao enters the dry season, the weather of the day is clear, no rain, very cool with the wind blowing from far away, bringing with it the typical salty aftertaste of the sea. If you want to visit and burn incense for the heroes and martyrs who died for independence in Hang Keo Cemetery at Con Dao Island, the period from December to April will be the most suitable.

On the contrary, if you come to Con Dao from May to November, you will likely encounter many obstacles. This is the time when Con Dao begins to enter the rainy season. Although the rainfall is not too much, only lasts about an hour, but the continuous rain for a few days will make it difficult for people to go sightseeing and walk on the beach. Although the climate at this time is relatively open and pleasant, it brings some inconveniences. Depending on your personal needs and preferences, you can consider the best time to start.


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