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Con Dao Museum is a commemorative place, display, preserve and introduce historical and cultural artifacts of the land and people of Con Dao through historical periods. Coming to Con Dao Museum at Con Dao Island, you will have a deeper understanding of the nature and people of Con Dao from prehistoric age to the present development stage and learn the history of Con Dao prison struggle for 113 years. "Hell on earth".


Con Dao Museum was inaugurated and put into operation as the expectation of the people of the country and Con Dao district, and at the same time met the aspirations of former political prisoners of Con Dao in preserving the memorabilia of the past. attached during the period of resistance against colonialism and imperialism in this "hell on earth".

Marking the revolutionary struggle tradition of Dang Cong San Vietnam and Vietnamese, upholding the indomitable examples of revolutionary soldiers who sacrificed for the cause of the struggle for national liberation.

Combined with the special historical relic items of the country and the scenic spots that nature has bestowed on Con Dao, it will form a diverse and rich tourism chain, which is considered as a unique and attractive cultural product, serving domestic and foreign tourists to Con Dao.

Con Dao Museum has cooperated with Khanh Hoa Provincial Museum to display ancient bibliographies and records proving Vietnam's sovereignty over historical periods over Hoang Sa and Truong Sa.

Many former prisoners and visitors expressed their admiration and emotions when looking back at the images and documents at Con Dao Museum.

In 1862, the French colonialists turned Con Dao into the largest prison in Indochina. Tens of thousands of Vietnamese patriots fighting for the cause of national liberation and reunification were arrested, exiled, and brutally tortured here.

During its 113 years of existence (from 1862 to 1975), which is likened to a "hell on earth", Con Dao prison was a place to keep in captivity and maltreat tens of thousands of revolutionary soldiers and national patriots in two decades resistance war against colonialism and imperialism.


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Con Dao Museum was started construction in December 2009. With the spirit of "Con Dao for the whole country - the whole country for Con Dao". The project has a total investment of more than 65 billion VND, of which the construction cost is about 37 billion VND and the cost for display is 18 billion VND, an indispensable destination in Con Dao tour package which serves tourists for learning about local history.

The museum consists of a two-storey main house with a construction area of more than 3,500m2, a floor area of more than 2,700m2. Here, more than 1,000 valuable documents and artifacts are being stored and displayed, arranged for display, with the following topics:

  • Nature – People & Hell on Earth
  • Stateroom & Battle Line – School
  • Vo Thi Sau room & Con Dao Space Today


Exhibition Section:

Documents, artifacts, models with large cubic volume belong to the theme of Con Dao in the past and present.

The building of Con Dao Museum was built as a place to preserve the cultural heritages and long history of the Vietnamese nation to serve the sustainable development of Con Dao district.

With the orientation of collecting artifacts in accordance with the contents displayed at Con Dao Museum, the Management Board of Historical Relics of Con Dao district has developed a detailed exhibition outline based on the art designs in the display.

Artifacts Section:

Museum artifacts, original artifacts and artifacts made by the Management Board of Historical Sites of Con Dao district to serve the display work. Con Dao prison relic has a total of 695 documents and artifacts, including 384 original documents and artifacts. At the base warehouse is currently storing 4,501 original documents and artifacts, of which the paper sources left by the French colonialists and the US imperialists account for half of the documents.

The Management Board of Historical Relics of Con Dao district has organized groups and individuals with professional qualifications, understanding the history of Con Dao prison and local history, directly collecting and receiving documents and artifacts. Take photos at agencies, mass organizations and former political prisoners of Con Dao, and meet with witnesses to record stories about the struggle activities of revolutionary soldiers detained in prison. Con Dao.


The ticket price applied from the forth quarter in 2020 for the tour is VND 50,000 for 5 destinations, including:

  • Con Dao Museum
  • Relic of the Island Lord's House
  • Phu Hai Camp Relics
  • Relic of the French tiger cage
  • American tiger cage ruins.

The time frame has a local guide in the morning at 7:30 am and 9:00 am, in the afternoon at 14:00, 14:30 and 15:00. A tour program will last 2 hours and go through 5 monuments.

Note: The time frame arranged by the management board with a guide may change, please ask the ticket salesman and arrange a time to listen to the voiceover.

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