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Although we spent hundred years of history and rhythm of life is more and more modern today, going back to Co Ong village is going back to the nostalgic region, going back to the unresolved problems... There is a little regret, a little sadness, a a little confused.

That village bears part of the ancient traces of tragic lyrics. In the disturbance of the times, in just a short period of time, the village of Co Ong was born and had to witness sadness in the end of the world of compassion.


Information from the Ba Ria - Vung Tau Museum also recorded that in the 1760s, the Nguyen Lord in Dang Trong had emigrated and sent people to govern Con Lon. In 1783, Nguyen Anh fled here to avoid the pursuit of Tay Son insurgents, he founded three villages of Co Ong, An Hai and An Hoi. The name Co Ong came from here and people on the island began to tell each other the legends of Dam Trau, Hon Cau, etc.

According to an old story, because of being hunted by the Tay Son army, Nguyen Phuc Anh and his courtiers and priest Ba Da Loc intended to take Prince Cai to France as a hostage to ask for help. The concubine (Hoang Phi Yen) prevented that the fight with the Tay Son could be considered as a domestic affair, her husband should use the insurgent army in the country. If her husband thanked to the power of outsiders to solve internal problems, even if they won against Tay Son, it would not be glorious, she was afraid that there would be many troubles in the future...".

The Lord thought that The concubine (Hoang Phi Yen) consorted with the Tay Son army, the lord was angry and sentenced to death for her. Thanks to the intercession, the lord ordered her to be imprisoned in a cave (now called Ba Mountain). Having just locked her up, the lord heard that the Tay Son army was about to attack the island. Lord Nguyen and his entourage got into the boat hurriedly and ran to Phu Quoc island.

When the boat anchored, Prince Cai did not see his mother and asked, someone revealed that the Prince's mother was imprisoned on the island. The prince cried and begged his father to take his mother with him. Nguyen Anh in the angry time threw his innocent child into the sea. Prince died, his body washed up on the coral reef and was buried by the villagers of Co Ong, setting up a shrine called Mieu Cau.

Phi Yen was also freed from the cave by the villagers. Together, everyone helped her build a house right next to the tomb of Prince Cai at Co Ong village. So the people at that time made up the song:

The wind brings the mustard plant to heaven,

"Rau ram" stays to suffer the bitter life.

That song has become a mother's lullaby for generations of Vietnamese but few people know that it originated in a village an hour away from the land.


Like a root roots deep in the ground

Who can pull "the name of the village",

Out of the area of the memory?

For each countryside, the village name is the heritage. For each person, the name of the village is a fond nostalgia of long trips. Bearing the name of the village where it is located, Co Ong airport has become a memory rendezvous, a familiar place to the Con Dao people. In the memory of the people here, it is "Co Ong airport". But the name plate from ten years ago, now it has changed to "Con Son Aeronatical Port", it is sometimes "Con Dao Aeronautical Port".

Not>Con Dao and the mainland depended almost entirely>ships Con Dao 9, Con Dao 10 has created a new turning point for trade between the mainland and remote islands. Con Dao gradually escapes the old gloomy, isolated and dark look.

In addition to ships, during the same period, traveling between the mainland and Con Dao had an additional means of transport, a helicopter. Helicopters 3 times a week, carrying few people, rare tickets, expensive prices compared to the average living standards of people>Vasco Company operated flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao and vice versa. And, to expand Co Ong airport, according to the plan for the 2020 period, with a vision to 2030, Co Ong airport will be upgraded to 4C class that can accommodate Airbus A320 aircraft (capacity up to 180 guests) and equivalent. The presence of aviation with continuous flights has really connected the mainland to the island, opening up development prospects for the island. At the same time, Co Ong airport was renamed Con Dao airport.

Names, in philosophical and historical perspective, define existence. A change of name, for whatever reason and from whatever side, confirms a process in time. The name Co Ong airport is no exception to those rules. Con Dao was originally an archipelago of 16 islands, the main island, the largest, being called Con Son Island (or Con Lon, Con Dao, Phu Hai).

Before the 20th century, Vietnamese historians often called Con Son Island, Con Lon or Con Non. In 1977, the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam decided the official name was Con Dao


Over several hundred years, Our Lady of Phi Yen and Prince Cai have been canonized as saints and have become part of the religious culture of local people here.

Each forest, sandy beach, source stream ... of Co Ong village bears the cultural vestiges of the ancients. Accompanying the village's history is the presence of people. The owners of this land have saved cultural landmarks such as Co Ong, Mieu Cau, Dam Trau beach, Hon Cau... that have been deeply ingrained in the subconscious and pride of the islanders.

Place names are handed down in folklore to this day.


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